Not all guys can lose their man boobs through natural methods alone.


The incidence of men developing breasts during or after puberty is increasing. This increase is being hypothesized to lifestyle changes and hormone stimulants in food. This condition called Gynaecomastia has been on a gradual rise in the past 2-3 years and a lot of men experience this problem. Dr.Amin gyunecomastia surgeon in Lahore has developed a new technique that leaves no scar after gynecomastia surgery and helps men in regaining their lost confidence. This technical advance is like a boon to the innumerable men who were living in embarrassment. They are able to completely forget they have ever suffered from male boobs or gynaecomastia.


Lifestyle changes are causing an increase in the incidence of obesity, causing an increase in the incidence of fatty breasts. Another reason for more men coming forward for gynecomastia surgery is the awareness that something is amiss. The standards of fitness are changing and the tolerance of fatty chest decreasing. Only men afflicted with this condition know fully well of the embarrassment they have to go through life.

After puberty, medicines do not work. Only surgical correction is effective in correcting the condition.

Many men waste years and money on pursuing a medical treatment for this condition, which in turn does more harm than good to the body.

Traditional methods of correcting this condition were with a large incision under the breast. This used to leave ugly scar on the chest. This technique evolved to a smaller scar around pigmented part of the aerola. Even this technique had its problems, such as nipple inversion, incomplete removal etc. Although the surgeons evolved a technique of using liposuction, to reduce the fatty component of the breast, surgical excision of the glandular fibrous part was still necessary and hence left some scars under the nipple.

Below are some of the best treatments for gynaecomastia.

there is an evolved new technique that leaves no scar. Essentially removes almost 100% of the fat and fibrous gland through keyhole i.e. a 3 mm opening through which the liposuction is done. The two main innovations are use of ultrasonic liposuction called VASER, and a technique of removing the gland through the keyhole. The VASER liposuction helps in effectively and uniformly remove the fatty tissue and breaking up the fibrous gland. This helps to remove what is left of the gland through the thin 3 mm incision.  As most of the gland and fat are out, it is possible to give a 95-99% clearance. What is reassuring is that this correction is permanent and will never recur if you maintain your weight. visit us regarding gynecomastia