Can you live paying only with cryptocurrency? Probably not in many countries, but in the US, without taking into account some inconvenience, it is possible. At least that is what we have been able to demonstrate in practice. Looking for Interesting things about cryptocurrency?

Interesting things about cryptocurrency:

The cryptocurrency industry

As a nascent industry, information was needed to determine how much impact digital currencies are producing. New companies and services have emerged to facilitate the operation of cryptocurrencies, and their data shows that it is really a virgin market.

1. You can live with bitcoin

If the experiment last year made Hill loses more than two kilos in a week, this year ensures that living with bitcoins is much easier. On this occasion, the journalist managed to dine at several restaurants, do a wine tour and use a vehicle sharing service on her trips. Unfortunately, paying for gasoline with this coin was an impossible task for her.

2. The interest of the press grows

The popularity of this currency in the media has increased in recent months. However, according to polls, 80% of Americans still do not know what a bitcoin is.

3. You can do business 

Now doing business with this virtual currency is a possible way for many entrepreneurs. Proof of this is the company, which has 16 employees on 4 continents.

4. It still scares governments

Many countries oppose the bitcoin because cryptocurrency poses a risk to traditional financial systems and currencies. The United States has chosen to impose taxes and the introduction of an additional regulation for virtual currencies, something that, according to the researcher, is not very good for bitcoin development. 

5. If something goes wrong, there is no one to turn to.

The wonderful thing about bitcoin is that it is a currency without the government, it is decentralized. The downside is that when a person uses bitcoins and has a problem, they cannot try to protect their rights. In addition, sometimes you have to wait a long time: once the journalist had to wait for the confirmation of a transaction 67 minutes.

6. Battle to maintain anonymity, something attractive for illicit markets

There is a group of users who advocate the anonymity and maximum secrecy of the system, which in this case gives the possibility of using the currency for trade on the black market, while another group advocates more transparent transactions.