Once the years begin to run, the first signs of age begin to appear. The lines of expression, the spots on the face, and the loss of elasticity begin to be noticed. That is the moment in which you begin to investigate about beauty treatments that allow you to recover a beautiful and vital face. So, you realize that the facelift is one of the available options. If you stay until the end of this article, you will know everything about Facelift Thailand.

What is a facelift?

It consists of a surgical procedure by which the facial skin is stretched and excess skin is removed. In this way, the face looks less wrinkled and much younger. Many people often supplement this procedure with a neck lift, eyelid surgery, and forehead lift and even chin implants. Age is not influential. However, patients are usually between forty and seventy years old.

Costs of a facelift

The costs of Thailand facelift will depend on the country in which the treatment is performed. As well as the financing plan that is chosen to cancel in same. However, the following aspects will be taken into account:

Facelift Thailand cost

It depends on the type of treatment, the technique to use, use of anesthesia, extra treatments that you want to add and experience and reputation of both the surgeon and the clinic.


The pre-lifting care starts from the last time you visit the doctor before the procedure. The specialist will be responsible for specifying all the steps to follow. Even so, as a standard rule, if the patient smokes, he should leave it a couple of weeks before the intervention. You can also eliminate medications such as vitamin E, aspirin and other medications with anticoagulant function.


During the intervention, patients will be anesthetized. It can be general or local. Often, it is usually local so that the patient stays attentive during the intervention.


Incisions will be made to heal almost imperceptible and discreet. Among the most common, they are found on the hairline and behind the hairline, slightly above the temple. The other incisions will depend on each patient and their surgeon. However, there will also be incisions in the vicinity of the earlobes, on the lower part of the patient's head.

It's not just about making many incisions and stretching. Providing younger skin to the patient also requires cutting and eliminating fat. In this way the skin sticks more to the muscles of the face, appearing to be younger. In the end, all the incisions will be sutured and bandaged.