Beard & body hair use for head hair restoration in Pakistan is a latest trend and many hair loss patients are benefitting from this technique. Although follicular unit transplant was considered a frequently performed procedure in the past but due to continuous research and development, FUE (Follicular unit extraction) procedure has replaced old strip procedure. Patients who have advance level of baldness like Norwood class 5 and above do not have enough donor area in the back or sides of head can be treated with their beard and body hair as donor reservoir. There are certain limitations and case selection is important while performing body hair transplant. Those patients who had previous hair restoration surgeries and still have baldness can get advantage of this latest BHT technique to cover maximum baldness. Previous scars in the donor area, eyebrow and mustache can also be restored with body hair use. Now androgenic alopecia can be treated more successfully with additional donor hair from beard, chest, abdomen and back of body. While transplanting beard and body hair to head, these hairs do not change caliber, curl and texture.

Micro follicular unit extraction procedure enables doctor to extract beard or body hair individually as this technique does not involve incision or suturing so additional resource of donor hair would be available. However to extract body hair with micro punch size 0.7 mm require high level of skill and expertise along with qualification. Doctor should be experienced and well familiar orientation, angle and curve of body hair shaft so that there would be less transaction rate. These hairs are easily accepted in the scalp region.  Beard hair can be used in the scar tissue of donor area of previous follicular unit transplant procedures. Thus one can keep hair short or trimmed and linear scar will be camouflaged easily through body hair implantation and growth. Similarly body hair from legs and arms can be used in the scar tissue. Beard hair have good diameter and can be used at crown or vertex and mid scalp area.  These hairs can also be used in the temple points or temporal region and give impressive result. We can also use armpit, pubic and calf hair to scalp. If a person has good density in the body, an experienced surgeon can extract 5000 grafts through follicular unit extraction technique. Sometimes a combination of body and beard hair is used in the crown area to give good coverage.

Beard – body hair use for head hair restoration in Pakistan cost is less when we compare with other developed countries. Normally BHT cost is 30,000 to 40,000 $US in developed countries. However body hair transplant cost in Pakistan is 4000 to 5000 $US. This procedure may take more than one day and sometimes two or three days required, depending upon baldness stage.  There is no need to worry whether beard or body hair will be successful on head as many scientific studies have been performed different parts of the world and outcome is encouraging.

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